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Please review the following guidelines before writing a request for subscription:
  • Subscribers must identify themselves by name.


  • No spam http://listserv.tamu.edu/nospam.html
  • No objectionable language/material/content.
  • No illegal material and activity: subscribers must not transmit unlawful, fraudulent, threatening, abusive or otherwise objectionable and harmful information of any kind on leonenet.
  • No personal insults or obscenities can be directed at any subscriber, and Leonenet vigorously discourages gratuitous references to a subscriber's family, personal life or work that may cause embarassment, ridicule or constitute harassment.
  • Subscribers are encouraged to send religious sermons, khutbahs and links to religious websites to the technical administrator, who will post them on the leonenet website under "religion" and provide the URL link to all leonenet subscribers. Repeated violations of this specification may be subject to the administrative procedures outlined below.
  • Subscribers are encouraged to send analytical articles, creative writing, recipes, advertisement for travel and other services, and documents or material not directly related to Sierra Leone to the technical administrators, who will post them on the web site.
  • National and international news items are available from the news section of the website. A daily digest of local and international news may be distributed by the administrative team of leonenet. If a subscriber must re-post a news article to the listserv, they must add analytical commentary to that news item.
Administration: Leonenet is administered by an administrative team that sets policies and mediates potential social issues that may arise on the forum. Technical administrators process user requests and maintain the listserv. For more detail on the administrative team, contact them at LEONENET-request@LISTSERV.TAMU.EDU.

Administrative Procedures: Administrators will use the following procedure to resolve infractions of the TAMU and Leonenet specifications listed above:

  • A general administrator will write a private email to the offending party requesting moderation or a change in disposition on the part of the subscriber.
  • If the first step fails to resolve the matter, the administrative team may submit a formal, public email request for a change in disposition.
  • If the second step fails, the administrative team will advise the technical administrator to actively but temporarily review and withhold ONLY EMAILS THAT ARE IN VIOLATION OF THE SPECIFICATIONS. In other words, offensive emails from the subscriber will not be posted on the forum. All other unrelated emails from that subscriber will be posted to the forum as usual. The administrative team will, at this time, write to advise the subscriber of the consequences of further transgression.
  • If all efforts at mediation fail, the subscriber's subscription may be withheld for time certain (as determined by the administrative team) and may be continually reviewed by the administrative team.
  • Instances of offenses accrue and repeat offenses may be adjudged at the higher disciplinary level. For example, if a subscriber was cautioned at the second level, any instance of a future infraction will be treated at the third procedural level.

Reviews: Subscription policies may be reviewed by the administrative team.

Contacting the Admin Team:


Subscribers - send an email to the main forum (leonenet@listserv.tamu.edu) with the subject line "ATTENTION ADMINISTRATORS" or to LEONENET-request@LISTSERV.TAMU.EDU
Subscribers - must send their complaints and can send requests to leonenet@gmail.com

Non-Subscribers - send an email to LEONENET-request@LISTSERV.TAMU.EDU Administrators will take action on your request as soon as possible.